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NBA API PHP Library / nbasense Officially Launched!

Official 1.0.0 release of my new NBA website and API library

Introducing the NBA Draft Pick Trade Value tool

Run NBA draft pick trade simulations and compare trade value charts.

How to Export any Symfony Route to PDF

Use a Symfony Listener to export any route to PDF with no additional controller code.

Symfony Quirks with Doctrine Inheritance and Unique Constraints

How to make sure your base entity's unique constraints are handled how you would expect.

Symfony Setter Injection and Parent Class Dependencies

Dealing with dependency absence in child class constructors.

Finding a Real-World Use Case for Setter Injection in Symfony

Despite being my least preferred method of injection, I discover a tangible reason for its use.

Set Bundle Configuration Defaults with YAML in Symfony

Configure your bundle default values in YAML instead of PHP, just like how you override them in your applications.

Be Careful with Doctrine Magic and Symfony

Eager loading on nullable joined columns may cause unexpected behavior while editing entities with Symfony2 forms.