October 3, 2017
by Jason Roman


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NBA API PHP Library / nbasense Officially Launched!

Official 1.0.0 release of my new NBA website and API library

Retrieving NBA data shouldn't be like pulling teeth. It often feels that way. To solve this problem, I am releasing my open-source NBA API PHP Library today, as well as nbasense, my corresponding website. Both the library and the website make data retrieval and analysis incredibly easy, even for non-developers. All currently known 242 URL endpoints that can be polled are included in the library, and I will be continually updating these endpoints throughout the season.

As a developer, you can download the library and get right to work. I have extensive documentation and example code that will get you started in under 10 minutes. As a non-developer, you can view the documentation on nbasense and visit any request in my Request Reference. That reference will let you retrieve example data for any endpoint, and even use forms to filter out the data even further.

Please contact me with any comments on the site and library! This is an ongoing labor of love, so if you have improvement ideas or have found any bugs, I definitely want to know. If you are a developer, the library itself is open source and very extensible, so don't hesitate to put in a pull request and contribute if you would like to see any changes there.

For a bit of history, just before the 2017 NBA Draft I decided to create a little website for some NBA draft pick trade value analysis. I love the NBA and software development and wanted to put both of those skills to use. I realized that there is a wealth of NBA data publicly available, but no standard documentation from the NBA on how to access this data. There are several nice libraries to grab this data written in other programming languages, but I noticed they were missing 60% or more of the total URLs available. I set out to find the rest and create my own client library. About 6 months and several hundred hours of personal time later, I am really pleased to share what I've created with the world.


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